Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

How does TBR Networking work?

I am very proud to be involved in, and to be creating artwork for TBR Networking, an exciting new monthly networking event  launching this Friday, 13 November in Leicester. Emma Wennington has been working on TBR Networking, ensuring that businesses get the best out of their time. I will leave the explanation of how it all works to her... 

Meet valuable businesses in Leicester
12:00 Informal Networking and Marketplace.  12:20 Round Robin – your chance to introduce yourself. 12:30 Child's Play – a fun icebreaker to get you talking. 12:45 Lunch – enjoy a delicious, tasty meal. 13:15 Individual 121 – with a person of your choosing. 13:30 I can help – discuss your ideas. 14:00 Close.
An attendee list will be sent to you before each meeting.

As a member, you will be able to select an individual 121 in advance, and choose who you would like to sit next to for lunch.
 The final 30 minutes of every meeting focuses on connecting your valuable contacts in a highly targeted format. Hosted by a member on each table, it’s your chance to suggest helpful contacts, gain or offer personal introductions to useful people, businesses and sectors, and to provide feedback to members at your table.

What would make you say ‘yes’ to your fellow members’ business offering?

Did you know that your personal contacts tend to fall into three categories?  1) those you hardly know 2) those you know, but not very well and… 3) those you speak to often, and could easily ask a favour of. 
All three types of contact are valuable, but it is how those details are passed and then used which is really important. All contact information should be used sensitively, respectfully and appropriately, and always with the giver’s guidance and permission.
Don’t worry - once you visit a TBR Networking meeting, you will be advised on the best way to use any contact details. Personal introductions are always highly valued, and will lead to being the main focus of our 'Let Me Introduce You' events – for more information, please visit us.

Interested in visiting? Please register here for your
 free place at our Fizz and CanapĂ© launch on Friday 13th November 2015 at St Martin's House, Leicester. 

As long as your business is not in conflict with another member, you’re very welcome to visit once every 12 months without joining. Please call Emma on 07772 734351 or email: for more information. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

What are you so scared of?

Being in business is scary. Being in your own business is really scary. Sometimes the self doubt, fear and depression that come with working for yourself are crippling, and you can stop yourself dead in your tracks and not be able to carry on.

So what are you so scared of? Failure? Plenty of people have failed in business, and been able to pick themselves up, start new businesses (if necessary), carrying on working and become successful. Are you scared of success? That is a strange one... what if your business succeeds? What do you do then? Why is being successful so scary? Surely that is why we are in business? To be a success and run your own successful business?

Are you scared of the unknown? The "What if" factor? What if you don't get paid for work you've done? What if you don't get any more work? What is the worst that will happen? Bills don't get paid, you may have to take legal action against non-payees, you may lose your home (in a really bad case...), but all of these things can be overcome. Come on, you are running your own business. Doesn't that count for something? Think about amazing that is.

Don't let fear hold you back. Be brave. You are amazing.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Comics arent just for 4N Hinckley

Great meeting at Hinckley Golf Club with the fab 4N Hinckley, hosted by the ever lovely Debbie Heron!

I was booked back in August to do my comics 4Sight, which includes my 'Draw a character in a minute' challenge... Here are today's drawings, can you guess who they are?

Would you like me to come and draw at your event or meeting? It is a great way of getting to know folks, have fun and entertain your guests. Please do get in touch if you would to find out more!